The mycorrhizae of the Bioradis range as allies for better use of water resources

“This association has great benefits for crops, highlighting the improvement in water use. “Mycorrhizae play a crucial role in the fight against increasingly frequent droughts.”

Bioera is a Spanish company specialized in the manufacture of products based on microorganisms. We are strongly committed to the use of mycorrhizae, with our entire Bioradis® range. These products contain mycorrhizae and PGP bacteria, with the aim of creating an association between these soil microorganisms and the roots of the plants.

This association has great benefits in crops, highlighting the improvement in water use. Mycorrhizae play a crucial role in the fight against increasingly frequent droughts.

First, mycorrhizae improve water absorption by plants by extending their hyphae (the roots of fungi), filamentous structures, into the soil. These hyphae explore a greater volume of soil and access water sources that plant roots cannot reach on their own. Up to 30 meters of hyphae per 1 cm of root have been measured. This increase in water absorption capacity becomes especially crucial at times when plants have difficulty obtaining sufficient moisture from the soil.

In addition, mycorrhizae contribute to the resistance of plants to extreme temperatures by improving water use efficiency. This association, also called positive symbiosis, allows for better management of resources, since mycorrhizal fungi help regulate the opening of plant stomata, reducing water loss through transpiration.

Another fundamental aspect is the increase in resistance to diseases and other types of abiotic stress, such as high salinity of the soil or irrigation water. Plants associated with these beneficial fungi tend to show greater tolerance to adverse situations, by strengthening their immune system.

Bioera, after more than 20 years of experimentation and work with farmers, is strongly committed to the use of mycorrhizae. We have designed strategies that play an essential role in mitigating the effects of drought, by improving the absorption and efficiency of water use by plants. All Bioradis® formulations have the same composition, but the formulation varies to adapt to all growing conditions. Bioradis Sol is designed to be applied with water, Bioradis Tablet to be introduced into planting holes, Bioradis Seed for seed coating, and so on with all the products in this Range.

We consider that promoting and preserving these symbiotic associations in the soil is essential to promote the resilience of crops in the face of the increasingly pronounced challenges posed by current agriculture, with a scenario of climate change and increasingly frequent water scarcity.