Nutritional inputs and biofertilizers


Bioera emerged in 2008 as a biotech company after years of research and development. It was founded by a team of engineers and researchers with the mission of offering high-end and quality products for sustainable agriculture.

Just biotech

  • A production pillar based on the incorporation of microorganisms promoting growth and protection of the plant, combined with organic complexes.
  • A company philosophy based on constant innovation and improvement, investing resources and efforts in research + development and using the newestscientific advances, as well as agrobiotechnological methodologies.

We help preserve the health and balance of plants, soil and the environment wherewe live

Our Values


Bioera’s formulations are based on the experience, work and dedication of our entire technical team. After several years of research focused on supplying the market with high quality organic products that allow sustainable agricultural development, Bioera has managed to consolidate its product brands grouped into various lines: Microbials, Deficiency correctors, Biostimulants, Bioactivators, Organic Complexes and complementary Fertilizers; all of them necessary to help the optimal development and production of the plant.