Nutritional supplies and biofertilizers

Bioera, Fertile ideas in plant nutrition

Bioera emerges as a Spanish company after being founded by an experienced team of industrial partners, engineers and scientists; with the mission of offering high-end products to the agricultural sector consistent with the current requirement of sustainability in production systems.

We are aware of the importance of managing resources intelligently to obtain reliable results with speed, quality and adequate costs.

A company philosophy based on responsibility and knowledge of the value of the care of its productions and its customers, as well as the absence of pesticide residues and genetically modified material in its products, are the pillars that condition all our development processes and manufacturing.

We help preserve the health and balance of plants, soil and the environment in which we live

Bioera’s activity is focused on the manufacture, formulation and marketing of nutritional and plant protection supplies, with emphasis on the production of mycorrhizal fungi and growth promoting bacteria and plant defenses. Innovation and excellence in its formulations is based on careful research, development and teamwork; using the latest scientific advances in biotechnological processes and methodologies applicable to agriculture.